Minmin Crystal Gold Color Chandelier Long Earrings for Women Wedding Dangle Ethnic Earrings 2017 New Fashion Jewelry EH606

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Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in
Brand Name


Earring Type

Drop Earrings

Item Type


Fine or Fashion




Model Number




Metals Type

Zinc Alloy


Water Drop

Environmental Standard

Hypoallergenic / Lead / Nickel / Cadmium Free




Water drop/Chandelier/Plant


Crystal/Zinc Alloy


Long Earrings/Drop Earrings/Crystal Earrings/Wedding Earrings




Free Shipping


Bubble Envelope

Gift for

Brides / Bridesmaid / Mom / Girlfriend / Wife


Gold Color

90 reviews for Minmin Crystal Gold Color Chandelier Long Earrings for Women Wedding Dangle Ethnic Earrings 2017 New Fashion Jewelry EH606

  1. Customer

    durable yaki,

  2. H***i

    so pretty. little heavierㅜbut ..

  3. H***h

    iphone hoisting hoisting hoisting hoisting good! perfect little heavier i know so long uk long yaki,ㅠㅠ10 days antler ~!

  4. Customer

    gorgeous earings. good quality. little heavy. recomended.

  5. S***g

    real price quality for box

  6. Customer

    prettier 욤

  7. F***o

    heavy goods long but the more pretty!!

  8. Y***a

    think more big size cotton pictures without heavy compared this love seems exactly

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  10. K***j

    comeliness but big size the little heavier but in prettier performanceㅊ

  11. G***p

    perfectly and super glisten))

  12. S***m

    colorful and genuine nice! packaging is incredibly meticulously coming earrings size and the moderately satisfy;) 15 days antler!

  13. G***g

    think heavier than tops. uk long working day spare 쁩. alibaba earrings expensive but a long earring fine those you show happy comeliness enough, it is.

  14. G***r

    so pretty!! size enough but some heavyㅋㅋstill the power uk long high profit pleasureㅠㅠ

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  16. K***e

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  17. Customer

    pretty and very bold

  18. G***z

    will not shed prego

  19. M***k

    comeliness chandelier like, party lure point when the order will be in cheap anna good. working day too heavy power china ball pull the luggage for unicharm high. shipping takes as 3 weeks.

  20. L***l

    rapid summer

  21. G***k

    pretty and colorful to!! need any outfit nickle long but…!!! pretty towel will make yourㅋㅋㅋfully butt butt-cheap imported years. commodity quality by our shoes just some mani heavier ….ㅠshipping it took 2

  22. Customer

    lot big than think palm little small prego size of well, please

  23. T***t

    back side little cheap tina visible bike pull satisfied. size huge size dishㅋㅋㅋ

  24. W***z

    Good product

  25. K***d

    life without original yes bedroom led brightness ohm shipping split goldㅠeither the crisper

  26. S***m

    huge nice think heavier than without very satisfied you ~

  27. I***K

    colorful, nice!

  28. H***m

    옙 뻥 8 order in 22 days return!!

  29. Y***o

    well received securely. month in some android hanging. holiday sparingly late been or look. earrings quality best and stunning. size cursor heavy so in buy!

  30. G***n

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  31. S***a

    very nice

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  33. G***r

    all nice over weight but what pretty data over cap…

  34. S***r

    Beautiful earrings! 5 wks to Canada with Registered Mail. I’m a regular customer. Thanks!

  35. Customer

    but took a month pave meticulous pretty long really comeliness. weight lively and definitely heavy servers nappy wipes luggage. working day comeliness

  36. J***i

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  44. I***h

    beautiful earring like, heavy but

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  46. K***c

    this root long forklift babe seems to day wedding dishㅎㅎheavier with this please longㅎㅎshipping 20 took the

  47. J***n

    so colorful and listen glittered

  48. Customer

    original yes no need another saying four!

  49. S***A

    This is a very good product.. Very good quality… Go for it.

  50. K***h

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  52. Customer

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  53. D***L

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  55. Customer

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  59. S***j

    beautiful. well made. Ok.

  60. K***e

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  61. Customer

    think faster shipping satisfy products

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  63. F***j

    ㅇㅖlook chan chan chan chan

  64. G***k

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  65. C***n

    hi, thank you

  66. K***n

    Very adorable

  67. G***a

    performanceㅊperformance overㅊday shipping slows 욧

  68. Customer

    colorful the goodie

  69. L***l

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  90. L***l

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